Ghost Writing

we’ve finally written our ghost story for Writing Magazine’s annual ghost story competition. We won it last year so the pressure’s on to retain our crown. We’ve been ransacking the treasure chests in our minds, tossing ideas over our shoulders in a desperate attempt to find something that fits and we finally found it last night. Only wrote the first draft today, so will either read it again tomorrow or let it sit for a couple of days before going back to it. So far the feeling’s a good one. At least we didn’t leave it as long as we did last time. We started writing Field of Screams (which is in Writing Magazine’s August 2010 issue) 3 weeks before the deadline, so we’ve improved on that at least. Don’t think we can actually write a better story than Field of Screams, but guess we only have to beat this year’s entries. Failing that, have the other entries mysteriously vanish… 😉 If we don’t win, we want our mate Ryan Ashcroft to win. We’ve started encouraging him to send out his work and plan to take over the magazine together. Hope he won’t become our Monster…

A Good Send Off

FINALLY managed to wrestle Scott off this thing. Sorry about that. You probably prefer his blogs – we know we do 😀 But we actually have some writing news we want to share. After last year’s massive 103 submission mission, we figured if we want to beat that, we have to send 4 pieces of work off a month and until the day before yesterday, our count stood at a pathetic 0. But that’s all changed. First we submitted a crime story, Razor and the Rosary to Bridgehouse Publishing’s crime anthology. We actually wrote the story for a Honno crime anthology 3 years ago and got nowhere then just left it languishing on the computer ’til we dug it out again and realised WHY it didn’t get anywhere – it was crap. WAY too preacy against religion and the religious characters came across as total whackjobs, so we’ve cut all that out and hopefully, have got a better story.

We then submitted our Gothic Snow White, Girl All the Bad Guys Want (title of a Bowling for Soup song) to Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show. We actually didn’t do any revision on that one ‘cos it’s only just been rejected from the Twisted Fairy Tales anthology. The third story we’ve submitted was Deadly Reflections, a supernatural story about the perils of vanity. It’s been rejected a whopping 8 times so far in its life, so we’re hoping it’s 9 time’s the charm. That is how the saying goes, right? 😉

We’re now working on our potential 4th story to be submitted either tonight or tomorrow. It’s called ‘Til Death us do Part and is about a guy called Trey who has discovered that his work as a reconstruction artist can be used to make his lovers stay with him forever. We’re glad we’re single because Trey is a truly dark and twisted individual. Oh wait, we created him 🙂 We originally wrote it for a Love Kills anthology for Pill Hill but as usual, it got rejected 😦 it would’ve been PERFECT for the collection but like us, it failed to get a date for Valentine’s Day.

The Final Countdown

Howdy my delectable brains! Scott here. Only two weeks to go until an extract of my novel will be critiqued in Writing Magazine! It will hit the shops Feb 3rd. So Feb 3rd will now be known as International Scott the Zombie Day. I’m declaring it a public holiday, so take the day off and read my extract. Hmm, maybe I hould read it first, in case my Necromancers have screwed me over in a bid to get rid of me… anyway, I reckon, the day my novel is published, should be International Scott the Zombie Day, celebrated by everyone, except bookshops and my Necromancers, who will have to sell my book. They don’t deserve a holiday. I can see it now, everyone wearing I ♥ Scott the Zombie t-shirts, or dressed as zombies, people selling brain-related meals or brain shaped biscuits, everyone doing the Thriller dance…ok, maybe not, but definitely wearing the t-shirts. There will be big displays of my book in all the bookshops, next to a cardboard cut-out of me…I’ll have to make sure I’m embalmed the day before – don’t want my big day ruined by rotting-related incidences.

My Necromancers were talking to Tyler today and he reckons the book would make a good film. I think I belong in Hollywood. No, not because I’m fake and have more plastic than a Lego factory. Shut up Tyler. But because I’m going to be a major star. I need my own star on the walk of fame, my name up in lights. I think I’ve mentioned my franchise before. But with this publication, I’ll be a step closer to world domination. Just don’t tell my Necromancers. They’ve had their eyes on world domination for a while now and I’ve promised to help them. What they don’t know is, I plan to ditch those losers soon as I make the big time. Whoops, I think they heard. They’re looking really cross. Don’t shake your fists at me! I know where you keep your brains!

I better run. Don’t forget. Feb 3rd. Put it in your diaries. Or else…

Scott xx

When will I be famous?

The answer is…next month! Hey scrumptious brains, it’s Scott! I am SO excited! My Necromancers sent the first three hundred words of my novel to Writing Magazine for a critique by James McCreet – the editor, Jonathan Telfer has emailed them saying they will be using it in the March issue! 🙂 He loved it and said James seemed to like it too so they’re obviously on the right lines, keep going. Now not to sound egotistical and all that jazz but this wouldn’t have happened without me. They can glare themselves to wrinkles all they like but the fact is I’M going to propel them to superstardom. ME. None of their other characters have a Facebook page, a Twitter account or will appear in the magazine. Ok, Connor and Ceri from Field of Screams have already appeared but we’ll forget about them. Those wannabees crop up in my book. I’m not best pleased. Connor thinks he’s such a comedian.

Now do you think they’ll send a photographer around? I’d better visit Mort for some embalming just in case. And the tanning salon. Now Tyler features in the extract but I’m keeping it quiet from him. The photographers will take one look at him with his hotty living status and push me aside. If Tyler was so wonderful he’d have his own book. But he doesn’t. He’s just my sidekick. He can pout and swear all he likes, it’s true. I should buy a new zombie slogan t-shirt to celebrate. Now where did my Necromancers leave their credit card…

The Write Stuff

We’ve been busy writing as usual. If there was ever a day where we DIDN’T write we think the world might explode. So in an effort to be superheroes (and let’s face it, who doesn’t want to be a suphero) we’ll keep going. The world will thank us one day. Or shoot us down, whichever comes first 🙂 We’re preparing to submit a six thousand word crime story to Bridgehouse called Razor and the Rosary inspired by a My Chemical Romance song as we love the imagery it conjures. High five to anyone who can quote the lyric, the song and the album it’s from. Our story centres around religious murders. We’ve also finished redrafting our young adult novel Daughters of Annwn. We’ve added in 24,000 words. Whoops. Reckon we’ll need to put that book on a New Years’ diet next time we look at it. We’ve also written a story for Writing Magazine’s retirement competition. Ours is about Van Helsing. We’re already casting either Sean Connery, Timothy Dalton or Kris Kristofferson in the role. He was great as Whistler in the Blade Trilogy. We’re also planning our story for Writing Magazine’s ghost story competition. This is the one we won last year and we’re determined to keep hold of our crown. It’ll be hard topping Field of Screams as it was so original but we’ll give it our best shot. We’re very competitive. We’re Type A personalities to the extreme. In fact, during a psychology lecture we all took a test to see if any of us were Type A’s. The score you had to get was 30. Nobody managed it except us. We scored 57 or 58. We were thrilled because it meant we not only beat them, we completely thrashed them. Guess the test was right 🙂

Now last year our New Years’ Resolutions were to submit 100 pieces of work and get 12 published. We submitted 103, had one published and several shortlisted. This year our goal is more simple. Have two pieces published. And try to match or better the 103 submitted. Wow, us being realistic about ambitions. Maybe we’re coming down with something 🙂


First we want to thank all our visitors to this blog and we really appreciate people taking the time to comment. Glad you managed to stay awake! We know, this isn’t the most enthralling blog you’ve ever read 🙂 Big thank you to those who visit more than once. We’re sure it’s to check whether Scott the zombie has eaten us yet (no he hasn’t, sorry about that).

After we successfully completed our submission mission of 100 pieces of work submitted in 2010 (we actually submitted 103 so we’re thrilled) we didn’t however, achieve our aim of 12 pieces of work published. In fact, we managed one. We had several shortlisted, but we weren’t aiming for shortlisted, though we get as much of a thrill from a shortlist as we do from publication. Always the bridesmaids… Wow, we failed worse than Frankenstein’s attempt to recreate man. So we have a plan. Ok, it’s not foolproof and knowing our penchant for accidentally setting fire to things, we probably shouldn’t even attempt this but god knows we need all the help we can get. We’ve dug out our The Element Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells. Even reading that it sounds like the recipe for disaster. Adding C L Raven to anything amounts to a recipe of disaster. We’ve chosen some simple success spells and plan to do them tonight or tomorrow. So if you no longer hear from this blog, you know the Fates aligned to stop us in our dastardly spell casting tracks. We’ve taken heed of the warning at the front – beware the power of three. Now, we know we failed Maths and numbers send us in to a state of panic and brain meltdown but by our calculations – Success spell x 3 = world domination.

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