Bah Humbug

We celebrated sending off our 103rd piece of work with…another rejection. With just over 2 weeks to go ’til the end of the year, we don’t think we’re going to get our 12 pieces published like we’d hoped for. Maybe we’ll just aim for 2 next year 😦 At least we’ve been shortlisted a number of times, which is almost as exciting. We’ve started redrafting our young adult novel, based around the Welsh myths of Annwn, the ‘otherworld’. Most writers research things until they’re practically experts in the subject. We find research as boring as watching perma tanned plastic fantastics on reality TV shows. We do a bit until we have a rough idea then we write and add things in on the redraft when we’ve learned a bit more. Too much research in one go just delays the writing. It’s not like anyone’s actually been to Annwn. And if they have, we think they’d like what we’ve done with the place.

For all of you who are doing your Christmas shopping, we feel for you. It makes us more glad we boycotted Christmas nine years ago. A lot of people find the concept of banning Christmas strange. But then a lot of people probably found the concept of banning Roman Gladiator matches strange. Christmas shoppers are just as bloodthirsty. They spot a bargain and they will run you down and trample you to get it. If they have pushchairs, they become wheeled battering rams to ankle tap you and send you flying into the perfume bottle pyramid. It may be the season of giving, but the giving of bruises is really unnecessary. Plus people have been moaning all year about the recession and debt and yet they seem to manage to blow thousands on one day when the presents they’ve just gone into debt buying will probably be sold on eBay on Boxing Day. Since we stopped doing Christmas, it’s kind of how posh people must’ve felt visiting the people of Bedlam – feel sorry for the inmates and glad they’re not one fo them. Not that we’re posh. We were going to go on a ghost tour but the festive tour includes a turkey meal. Veganism cancels this out. Might just go and hang out in some castle ruins, that way we’ll be conveniently out if someone tries to call on us. People see Christmas as family time. Sorry, but if we don’t want to see you the rest of the year, we certainly don’t want to see you on Christmas. Ooh, we’ve just bought black Bah Humbug hats. Bet they’ll look really festive.