Tweet petite

Greetings all you beautiful brains! Scott here. I am so freakin’ excited I feel like going out and eating the brain of a comedian to celebrate. I now have a Twitter page! FINALLY! I am taking over the world one website at a time. You see my Necromancers started following Death and thought it’s time I had my own page. I now follow Death too. He’s hilarious though as I’m already dead I’m not frightened by him. I’m desperate to get more followers than them. They’ve only got 9 (one is me and 4 are FB friends of theirs). So far I’m up to 3. One is them and the other two are FB friends of theirs. Tonight I tweeted about wanting spaghetti bologbrains for tea. Shame I don’t have an iPhone or something, I could do tweets on the move, like ‘is hiding in a bush waiting for a jogger so I can eat him.’ I haven’t put a location on my tweets so the cops can’t find me and spoil my hunting. That would totally suck and make me the stupidist criminal ever. It’d be the equvilent of phoning the police to inform them a jewellery store is about to be robbed right before you rob it. Let’s see, I have an FB page, a Twitter page, access to this blog…I think I need a podcast. No! My own TV channel. Hell, if any fake tanned plastic fantastic bimbo can get a TV programme, why can’t I? I use fake tan too. Ok, I don’t have boobs but I’m sure I can stuff. And you could argue my embalming fluid is like Botox with its hardening properties and brilliance at staving off the rot. I’m telling you, soon all the celebs will be using it as the latest anti ageing product. *pouting and tossing head sexily* because we’re WORTH it!