Submission: Possible

We’ve completed our Submission Mission! 🙂 100 pieces of work submitted. The flip side of the mission was to have 12 pieces published – we’ve managed 1. But we’ve had a number of pieces shortlisted, which we’re pleased about. It means we’re on the right track.

We’ve finished redrafting Scott the Zombie 😦 so we’re taking a break from him for a while. He wasn’t pleased about this. Between you and us he cried a little. Ok, a lot. We had to lock him in his freezer when he threatened to eat our brains. He’s been threatening that a lot lately. So in the meantime we’re doing a final polish on  Majesty of Darkness, so we can send it to the Terry Pratchett prize, deadline Dec 31st. It doesn’t need a lot of work – just checking for errors (found some), taking out some words and making sure it reads well. We’ll be keeping everything crossed until March when the shortlist is announced.

Maybe 2011 will be the year of the Raven.

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