This was Halloween!

We’re wearing our black veils of mourning. Halloween is dead 😦 We have to wait a whole year before we can resurrect it from its cold black ashes.

Wow. We’ve been eating gloom cookies. In the meantime, Halloween rocked! On Saturday we went to Tredegar House for a tour. We dressed as corpse brides, complete with blood streaked faces,  our mum as a midnight spirit. And it bloody poured. No bride wants rain on her wedding night. So we took our skull print umbrellas. We had to queue in a big tent like cattle. Everyone stared as we walked in. Turned out, we were the ONLY ONES dressed up! What is WRONG with people? It’s Halloween, they’re at a Halloween event and they look like they’re waiting in a supermarket queue! Other people who were dressed up eventually showed, though we clearly made the most effort with our outfits. Mind you, we get excited about Halloween soon as September rears its ugly head. Why is there always an annoying gobshite teenage girl at every event we go to? And we ended up stuck by her for the entire tour, mainly because this 17 yr old boy she was clinging to kept hanging out with us, probably to escape from her. She was unbelievably rude, talking loudly during performances in each room, trying to get her phone to ring her back (even though we were all told to switch them off) just so people would look at her. We wanted to smack her in the face and stamp on her phone. That would’ve got people looking at her. We were so tempted to boot her down the stairs as we moved on but our mum held us back. Probably because she wanted to be the one to do it 😀 The tour was great, everyone but was us screaming (sorry but it wasn’t that scary) and it was hilarious watching guys chase the guests with chainsaws.Corpse Brides

On Halloween we went to Littledean Jail. It’s supposedly haunted and it’s filled with crime and film memorabelia. It would’ve been better had the jail part been just a jail without the celebrity scandals adorning each wall but it was fascinating seeing the jail how it used to be. We lounged on the old wooden beds (no Sky TV & pool tables back then), sat in Old Smokey, the electric chair and handcuffed ourselves to the inner gates. Yes, we took handcuffs. Well, it is a jail. There were lots of stuff on the Kray twins, such as Ron’s suit and knuckle duster and various tools of their trade. We also did comic poses with the various mannequins. We’d like to claim the skeleton's from a real murder victim. L-R Lynx, Catinebriation but no-one ever got drunk on Red Bull at 3pm.stocks & scares. L-R Lynx, Cat

For those who remember our submission mission, we’re up to 97! We sent a collection of 30 poems off and have just submitted Scott’s second short story. We’re going  to smash our 100 pieces of work target. We wouldn’t have made it without the poetry collection. We’ve always been way too ambitious and imaginative for our own good. Nothing good ever came from our imaginations. Except Scott the Zombie. And maybe the various song lyrics we’ve changed to dedicate to Red Bull.

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