Happy Halloweek!

We’ve managed to lure Scott away from our blog by telling him there was a poetry event going on, so he’s gone to harvest some brains. By the time he gets back and realises we tricked him, we’ll be off here and hiding in a peanut factory (he’s allergic to them).

So, happy Halloweek! We nicked that phrase off one of our Facebook friends. Hope everyone’s got a suitably scary week planned, culminating in the best night of the year. We have a box set of 7 Nightmare on Elm Street films to watch but don’t think we’ll get them all watched by Halloween, especially since we have other horror films we want to watch too. We’ve got our tickets for Tredegar House on Saturday, but so far haven’t decided what to do on Halloween. We were going to go to Cantref adventure farm but after a disastrous trip up there yesterday (we got lost on the way and way back), we’re currently being outvoted on whether or not we’re going there. So we might just go to Littledean Jail instead.

Suppose we ought to mention writing. We’ve actually had a lot of deadlines for the end of October, which we’re still working our way through. We’ve just printed off 23 poems for the Eric Gregory Award, which wants a collection of up to 30 poems by poets under the age of 30. Yes, we’ve left it a bit late, but we were waiting to see how we got on in the Nottingham Poetry Society competition. Don’t think we’ve won so we’re posting our poems tomorrow. We’ve also been working on a story on impatience for Writers’ News. We were really lazy with this one and just used an extract from one of the chapters in Scott’s book where he’s waiting for someone intelligent to come along so he can eat their brain.

Speaking of Scott, we’ve reached chapter 24 of his first redraft and we still love it. His Facebook page is going well, with Scott asking people for tasty recipes involving brains. He reckons our veganism and addiction to ice cream hinders our foodie status. We have to agree with him there. Luckily his fans have good ideas. Talk of the brain eating devil…oh he does NOT look happy. “Sorry Scott, we thought there was one on. Last week? Our bad…NOOOOOOOOO!”

Gotta go! To the peanut factory!