Art is a weapon

Hey living people, Scott here! My Necromancers are very upset at the moment – they finished my novel on Thursday. It took them exactly six weeks and three days. Today they started on the redraft. So I expect I’ll be forced to hand the blog back to them at some point. Sorry about that. I’ve had so much fun on here and I reckon I’m way more popular than them. Mind you, that’s not hard. Flesh eating jellyfish are probably more popular than them 😀

As well as preparing for Halloween – they have their corpse bride costumes all done – they are now desperately trying to think of costumes for My Chemical Romance’s Killjoy Halloween costume contest. Cat has her Killjoy name picked, Lynx is trying to choose between two and they think they have their characters’ story worked out. Now for the costumes. They’re thinking along the lines of black PVC with a splash of colour. I wonder how many other Killjoys’ costumes will involve clothes worn on a normal day. That’s the problem with being the Goth/Rock/Punk hybrids they are – every outfit they wear looks  like someone’s idea of Halloween fancy dress 😀 the two winners receive a Killjoy box set with ray guns, masks, the album and other stuff. They badly want it. But the MCRmy are an extremely creative, talented bunch. I told them to let me turn them – no-one else would do zombies. No? Can’t be that desperate to win it then.