We’re with spooky

We’ve locked Scott in his freezer for now and turned our music up so we can’t hear him banging. We’re getting worried that he’s actually more popular than us. Sadly, we’re not surprised 😦 We’ve just finished writing chapter 44 in Scott’s novel and he’s up to 37 ‘likes’ on his FB page. He got to 37 a hell of a lot quicker than we did. Guess zombies are in this year. Our ambition to submit 100 pieces of work during 2010 has just reached 62, with one due to go off this week. Scott’s short story sadly got rejected but the editor said it was a really great, top notch story and should find a publisher. We’re sending it off somewhere else soon. We love Scott and want to share him with the world before he eats our brains. He keeps looking at our heads in a way that’s just not healthy.

The count down to Halloween has begun! We’ve already got our costumes – we’re being corpse brides. Judging by how unsuccessful we are with guys, this is the only time we’ll get to be brides. Thank god! Just gotta plan something to do. There’s a haunted jail we’d love to visit or maybe do a ghost tour in one of the castles we’ve been to. So if anyone sees two corpse brides in the South Wales area being chased by ghosts, crazed jailers or the fashion police – wave and shout hello!

And a quick note, our FB friend and fellow writer Nancy Karst has just set up her own website – www.lucky7girl.com where she’s uploaded her collection of insomnia short stories. There are 3 at the moment but there are more to come. We read them when she was at the editing stage and loved them. We’re not just saying that because we like her. Even if we were enemies we’d like her stories, though we probably wouldn’t give them a mention on here :)They’re very realistic for those who’ve suffered from insomnia, the characters’ torment is very real and raw and there are fabulous twists even we didn’t see coming.