Happy Halloweek!

We’ve managed to lure Scott away from our blog by telling him there was a poetry event going on, so he’s gone to harvest some brains. By the time he gets back and realises we tricked him, we’ll be off here and hiding in a peanut factory (he’s allergic to them).

So, happy Halloweek! We nicked that phrase off one of our Facebook friends. Hope everyone’s got a suitably scary week planned, culminating in the best night of the year. We have a box set of 7 Nightmare on Elm Street films to watch but don’t think we’ll get them all watched by Halloween, especially since we have other horror films we want to watch too. We’ve got our tickets for Tredegar House on Saturday, but so far haven’t decided what to do on Halloween. We were going to go to Cantref adventure farm but after a disastrous trip up there yesterday (we got lost on the way and way back), we’re currently being outvoted on whether or not we’re going there. So we might just go to Littledean Jail instead.

Suppose we ought to mention writing. We’ve actually had a lot of deadlines for the end of October, which we’re still working our way through. We’ve just printed off 23 poems for the Eric Gregory Award, which wants a collection of up to 30 poems by poets under the age of 30. Yes, we’ve left it a bit late, but we were waiting to see how we got on in the Nottingham Poetry Society competition. Don’t think we’ve won so we’re posting our poems tomorrow. We’ve also been working on a story on impatience for Writers’ News. We were really lazy with this one and just used an extract from one of the chapters in Scott’s book where he’s waiting for someone intelligent to come along so he can eat their brain.

Speaking of Scott, we’ve reached chapter 24 of his first redraft and we still love it. His Facebook page is going well, with Scott asking people for tasty recipes involving brains. He reckons our veganism and addiction to ice cream hinders our foodie status. We have to agree with him there. Luckily his fans have good ideas. Talk of the brain eating devil…oh he does NOT look happy. “Sorry Scott, we thought there was one on. Last week? Our bad…NOOOOOOOOO!”

Gotta go! To the peanut factory!

Art is a weapon

Hey living people, Scott here! My Necromancers are very upset at the moment – they finished my novel on Thursday. It took them exactly six weeks and three days. Today they started on the redraft. So I expect I’ll be forced to hand the blog back to them at some point. Sorry about that. I’ve had so much fun on here and I reckon I’m way more popular than them. Mind you, that’s not hard. Flesh eating jellyfish are probably more popular than them 😀

As well as preparing for Halloween – they have their corpse bride costumes all done – they are now desperately trying to think of costumes for My Chemical Romance’s Killjoy Halloween costume contest. Cat has her Killjoy name picked, Lynx is trying to choose between two and they think they have their characters’ story worked out. Now for the costumes. They’re thinking along the lines of black PVC with a splash of colour. I wonder how many other Killjoys’ costumes will involve clothes worn on a normal day. That’s the problem with being the Goth/Rock/Punk hybrids they are – every outfit they wear looks  like someone’s idea of Halloween fancy dress 😀 the two winners receive a Killjoy box set with ray guns, masks, the album and other stuff. They badly want it. But the MCRmy are an extremely creative, talented bunch. I told them to let me turn them – no-one else would do zombies. No? Can’t be that desperate to win it then.

Coffin Dodger

Hey, Scott here. I managed to get out of the freezer. It gets so boring in there. I did the old ‘pretending to be dead’ trick until my necromancers panicked and opened the freezer then I leapt out like a jack in the box and skedaddled. Well, I tripped and rolled really fast. It was embarrassing having to ask them to help me back up but I can’t get up when I’m down. Tyler says I look like a flailing upturned beetle. I don’t flail. Once I was up I legged it. Ok so I can’t run that fast and it looks like I’ve got a stone in my shoe but I just shout ‘don’t make me eat your brains!’ and this usually stops them chasing me.

I’ve been having some adventures lately, killing vampires. Let me tell you, vampire brains don’t taste great. Wine is meant to be drunk when it’s really old but brains are a different matter. It’s like eating a stale biscuit you found down the side of the settee. Anyway, I’m pretty sure my fighting skills are improving and I’m coming out with some great one liners. I reckon I’m days away from clinching a comic deal. How’s this for a moniker – Scott the Zombie. The problem is picking an outfit that hasn’t been done. No living dead corpse would look good in spandex and a cape would just get in the way. I would MELT in leather, which would increase my decomposition rate. At the moment my look seems to be ripped jeans and a variety of zombie t-shirts, such as I ♥ Zombies, Pleased to meet you going to eat you, I want your brains not your body (which has a blood filled brain on it). If anyone’s interested in copying my look, Kreepsville 666 do a wonderful range of zombie t-shirts. My necromancers have ordered some. Not that they’re totally obsessed with zombies or anything. I wondered about having a mask but I WANT people knowing I’m a superhero. I want them whispering ‘that’s Scott the Zombie’ when I go past. I want kids posing for photos with me, girls getting me to sign their t-shirts, guys dressing like me. I want action figures, a film, merchandise, Scott the Zombie cuddly toys. Tyler keeps telling me no-one would worship a dead guy. I disagree. Everyone loves Elvis.

We’re with spooky

We’ve locked Scott in his freezer for now and turned our music up so we can’t hear him banging. We’re getting worried that he’s actually more popular than us. Sadly, we’re not surprised 😦 We’ve just finished writing chapter 44 in Scott’s novel and he’s up to 37 ‘likes’ on his FB page. He got to 37 a hell of a lot quicker than we did. Guess zombies are in this year. Our ambition to submit 100 pieces of work during 2010 has just reached 62, with one due to go off this week. Scott’s short story sadly got rejected but the editor said it was a really great, top notch story and should find a publisher. We’re sending it off somewhere else soon. We love Scott and want to share him with the world before he eats our brains. He keeps looking at our heads in a way that’s just not healthy.

The count down to Halloween has begun! We’ve already got our costumes – we’re being corpse brides. Judging by how unsuccessful we are with guys, this is the only time we’ll get to be brides. Thank god! Just gotta plan something to do. There’s a haunted jail we’d love to visit or maybe do a ghost tour in one of the castles we’ve been to. So if anyone sees two corpse brides in the South Wales area being chased by ghosts, crazed jailers or the fashion police – wave and shout hello!

And a quick note, our FB friend and fellow writer Nancy Karst has just set up her own website – www.lucky7girl.com where she’s uploaded her collection of insomnia short stories. There are 3 at the moment but there are more to come. We read them when she was at the editing stage and loved them. We’re not just saying that because we like her. Even if we were enemies we’d like her stories, though we probably wouldn’t give them a mention on here :)They’re very realistic for those who’ve suffered from insomnia, the characters’ torment is very real and raw and there are fabulous twists even we didn’t see coming.