Twitter sweet memories

We’ve managed to wrestle the laptop off Scott for the moment. There was a bit of a struggle and he lost some fingers in the battle but as zombies can’t cry, we don’t feel too bad about that. His fingers are gluing, he’ll be alright in a couple of hours. We just wanted to announce C L Raven are now on Twitter! We’ve resisted until now ‘cos we never seem to have enough time to do anything (keeping up with Facebook is hard enough) but MCR do a lot on Twitter and we really want to stalk them so we joined for that reason. You can follow us at It’ll be hard keeping to 140 characters. FB is always telling us off for going exceeding 420 😦 Wonder if we’ll be the first people to ever have minus followers. Hope not. That’s not an accolade we crave.

We’re up to Chapter 26 with Scott now and we are having so much fun. This has been our favourite book to write. It’s so easy and we laugh so much we’re getting wrinkles. But then our sense of humour is rather warped. In true Raven style we write each chapter without a clue what we’re going to do and just let our fingers do the talking. Some writers plan meticulously. We scrawl down some ideas then just get cracking. If we knew every aspect of every story before writing it, there’d be no point writing it. We love how even our stories can catch us unawares as they and the characters develop a life of their own. Or, in Scott’s case, an afterlife.