Big Cat Diary

Hi, I’m Ethan the werepanther, Scott’s friend. He’s probably told you we met on a chat show. What an embarrassment that turned into. I was getting wound up by Vincent the vampire & when I’m wound up, I change. I usually try to stay calm but he would drive a saint to going postal with a submachine gun in the nearest McDonald’s. I only bit him and not that hard. But then when I changed back, I was naked. On national TV. Luckily my uncle Jake was in the audience and he always carries spare clothes with him.

Then there was that incident when I had to streak across the supermarket car park to save Tyler from the armed police (it was Scott’s fault). Again it appeared on national TV and on the Internet because Scott made me streak past a news crew. Until then the only time I’d featured on the news was after bird watchers spotted me strolling about in panther form. My one shot at fame and I was a panther. Now I’ve had 2 more shots and was naked both times. I don’t have an affinity for nudity, it’s just unavoidable.

I love being a werepanther. What’s not to like? I have all the advantages of panther genes whilst also being human. I also like the fact I’m a werepanther – werewolves are so yesterday. Of course there’s always the danger I’ll be tranquillised by animal control and put in a zoo, but Jake always has my back. My panther skills come in really handy when I’m helping Scott catch someone to eat. Nobody can outrun me. I just have to be careful not to change too often when I’m around Scott. He smells so delicious.

It’s getting harder to resist him.

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