Facebook of the Dead

“In our heads, in our heads, zombies, zombies, zombiiiieeeeeeesssss.” We’ve become necromancers, bringing the dead back to life! Well, kinda. We don’t ACTUALLY have magical powers (much to our disgust). Scott the zombie lives! (Again). We’ve created a Facebook page for him, under the ingenious title Scott the Zombie. Ok, maybe not so ingenious, but the guy is the walking dead, he’s bound to have lost some brain cells when he died (though he insists he’s incredibly intelligent).

We aim to turn this into the best FB ever. Our over ambitious natures will probably once again, make us crash and burn, but we’ll have fun trying to make history. We’ve already posted a link to a zombie energy drink our FB friend Huw posted on our page for us (cheers Huw) and put a poem we wrote about Scott in his notes section. He’ll be updating his page regularly, letting his fans know how the book’s getting on, some adventures he’s having, whose brain he ate today, etc. He’ll also be guest blogging on here, so we apologise if decomp juice leaks onto the keyboard and some of his message is unreadable. So if you like zombies, or just want to like something different on FB, come and find him and help us really bring the dead to life.