Dead Man Walking

No, seriously. Well, kinda. His name’s Scott and he’s a zombie. We’ve brought him to life, so to speak. Did we not mention necromancy’s a hobby of ours? 😉 He started life in a short story then we wrote a funny poem about him and now he’s about to star in his own novel. We created him before we knew about Tim Waggoner’s Matt in Nekropolis (love that book) so were totally gutted to find there’s another walking, talking zombie out there, but we’d already fallen in love with Scott. We know. Typical. You wait your whole life to fall in love with a guy and when you do, he’s a zombie. Could be worse. He could be a politician.

Anyway, we’ll be starting the novel in a couple of weeks after we’ve finished editing Raising the Dead and Majesty of Darkness. We’re doing something we’ve never done before and enlisting the help of someone else in exchange for a part in the book. It’s so cool, like being spies. We should give ourselves CB names and talk in code. Knowing us we wouldn’t understand our own code and we’d be so excited about being spies, we’d tell everyone, which kinda defeats the object of actually being spies.

We’re quite nervous about it ‘cos Mr X is a real person, rather than a character we’ve made up so we don’t want to get his character wrong. We’ll have to study him closely to get his mannerisms, way he speaks etc just right. Wow. Staring at a hot guy with close scrutiny and we get to call it ‘work.’ Is this the BEST job ever? (Ok, no, being Wentworth Miller’s bodyguard would be the best job ever but we’re very small and wouldn’t like getting shot at). All the advice is not to use people you know as characters ‘cos they can sue you but he’s given his permission and is excited about it. So we want to do him justice. And if it all goes horribly wrong we’ll go live in a haunted asylum somewhere. We know just the place…