Cutting Crew

Great news for Terry Pratchett fans (we’re proud to be among them). Sir Terry has teamed up with Transworld to launch a first novel prize. The prize is publication and a £20,000 advance on royalties. The word limit is 150,000 and it must be set on earth. It can be set in any time, any genre but must be theoretically possible on some version of earth. Full details are on his website oh and the deadline is Dec 31st. We’ve got a novel that will perfect for this but it’s 10k words too long so we’ve printed it out so we can shave off those excess 10,000 words. So if you’re entering, good luck and remember you heard it here, so be kind. Let us win 😉

Speaking of cutting words, we realised after printing Raising the Dead, that the computer had screwed up the printing, missing out 6 chapters & affecting our word count. So it wasn’t 186k words like we’d originally thought but 213k words 😦 We’ve mananged to get it down to 185k words but we’re redrafting it again to try to cut it further. Wish us luck.

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