Welcome to the Black Parade

We’d like to wish everyone a happy International My Chemical Romance Day! ♥♥♥♥♥ 🙂 For those of you who don’t know who they are, they’re a rock band from New Jersey. Did we mention they’re our favourite band in the whole world? Maybe once or twice. Today we are gorging on MCR – listening to all their albums, watching their videos and writing Happy International My Chemical Romance Day all over Facebook. We even changed our FB profile pic to one of MCR & changed our surname to Way. (The lead singer and bass guitarist are brothers – Gerard & Mikey Way). If you’re not already fans, today would be a great day to join the MCRmy.

MCR have inspired our writing & lives in many ways. Hearing Welcome to the Black Parade (the first song of theirs we heard) was a life changing moment. It’s one of those rare songs to send icy spiders scuttling down our spines & will always be special to us. Their lyrics are just incredible & always manage to drag us out of our mental dungeons when the darkshines hit. They give us the courage to carry on & not let anyone drag us down. It’s hard to put into words just how much they mean to us.

Writing wise, they have a huge influence in our work. One because their songs feature in every novel we write. Our poem Pentitence Ball was inspired by the first song on The Black Parade album, The End. There’s a line that says “I’ve got front row seats to the Penitence Ball”. So we imagined what a Penitence Ball would be like and wrote it in the same rhyming couplets the song’s written in. The song Thank You for the Venom from their Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge album, has the line “blood is the red the rose on your coffin door.” We wrote a poem called Guns N Roses and have the last line “the blood red rose on your coffin door,” in tribute, as it’s such a powerful image. In our novel, Majesty of Darkness, there’s a Soul Patrol to welcome the newly dead, inspired completely by the Welcome to the Black Parade video, although one publisher thought it was meant to be a macabre Disney parade. Uh no.

So we’d like to thank MCR for being such such influences on our lives, our writing & for making the best music in the world. Without them our world would be a darker place.

Long live the Black Parade!

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