Hit List

We’re 10 chapters away from finishing the redraft of Majesty of Darkness. We should finish it by this time next week, unless something catastrophic happens like a lightning bolt targeting our laptops or coming under attack from zombies. That would be a very time-consuming battle, leaving us no time for redrafts. We live in daily fear of zombies and if it wasn’t for our apocalypse-sized stash of Red Bull, we’d be joining their legion.

We’ve just finished reading Writers and Artists Yearbook 2011 and have made a list of publishers to send our novels. If that fails we’ve also made a list of agents. As soon as we check them out and see who we like best, we’ll send our novels. Though it’s scarier than submitting short stories and for some reason, we’re scared of a novel being accepted.

Another novel we’re considering submitting, Raising the Dead, is 186,000 words – way too long. So we’ve printed it out to try and cut it. Think of us like derranged surgeons, hacking and slicing like writers possessed. We’re aiming to get it to 150,000. We probably stand more chance of being knighted for services to literature. It’s sometimes easier to edit when the work’s printed out. Don’t know why. Plus it gives one of us a chance to edit that while the other one’s redrafting MOD then we switch.

The submission mission’s hit 49 but one just got bounced back to us. So we’re deciding what to send off and where. We should hear back from a magazine in the next few days so we could send that rejected story off elsewhere. If they reject it, though we’re pretty confident they will. We’re rejected more than a vampire at a werewolf ball. So’s our writing.