Just Another Manic Monday

Went to Manic Monday again on, well, Monday. This time we actually performed in the open mic section. When we went to put our name on the list we saw nobody wanted the opening slot. We figured as going first worked quite well for us with Seren, we’d be brave and go first again. Except that meant we had to follow two great poets, Mikey Bryant and Catrin Dafydd. It kinda worked well ‘cos Catrin’s last poem was about Facebook, which was the topic of our first poem (Why can’t it be like it is on FB?) so they linked nicely. We memorised our poems ‘cos we wanted to perform them rather than just read them. They went down quite well, even though we did both forget a line each. Our second poem, Deadly Reflection went smoothly, but then we performed that one at Seren so we knew it better. Our sister videoed it so it’s up on our Facebook page – www.facebook.com/clraven There’s also some photos on there that a professional photographer, Rhys Jones took. His photos are amazing. During Deadly Reflection it does look like we’re looking in a mirror. Incredible. He also took pics of us before the performance. They’re excellent. His camera actually makes us look half decent and not like rejects from Night of the Living Dead. It’s nice not to resemble zombies sometimes.

We’ve written one new poem and are halfway through another, both on society’s ridiculous obession with celebrities and how they’re worshipped as the new religion. We don’t expect to make any celebrity friends (or religious ones for that matter) but that’s fine with us. We’re also redrafting another novel and polishing a 10k word story. We haven’t touched that one for over a year ‘cos it’s too long for most magazines or competitions but we’ve discovered some that want longer stories. It started out as nearly 12k words, so we’ve trimmed it down and done several redrafts on it. Just a final tweak then we’ll email it off tonight. As always, talons will be firmly crossed.