Field of Screams

Warning: May contain images some viewers may find disturbing - we're not wearing makeup

The great day has finally arrived! Our ghost story, Field of Screams, which won first prize in a Writing Magazine competition is out today. So go buy your copy of Writing Magazine. Tesco’s sell it, as do most newsagents. Probably. We got ours from Tescos. Actually, we bought 15 copies, for family and friends and posted it on Facebook (we checked copyright first). We never thought we’d win, especially as we’ve entered 13 of their short story competitions but we did! Still can’t believe it. Even when the magazine arrived we expected them to tell us there’d been a mistake of epic proportions. We’ve posted two short stories off today and have another one that just needs a few tweaks before it’s ready to go. We’ve decided to up our submission mission – we promised 50 pieces of work submitted this year. We’re now up to 45. So we’re going to change our original goal to 100. As we’re already halfway through the years it’s a huge goal but we think it can be achieved. Unlike the missi0n to get 12 pieces of work published. So far we’re up to (drum roll please) ONE. Field of Screams. But we’re not in this for the wealth or the fame. We’re in for love. To quote Robert Tepper’s ‘No Easy Way Out’, “some feelings never die.”