Down but not out

Ok, so we didn’t make it to the finals of the Brit Writers 😦 Yes, we’re gutted but also relieved – black tie events aren’t really our thing. We have no idea what the etiquette is at posh dos. Plus it means we don’t have to worry about speeding up to London, going to the awards ceremony then getting back home in time to make sure the cats are in, or worrying about the ducks having to go to bed at 4pm in a boiling shed. We’ve sent one of the short stories we’d submitted to a magazine and another short story to a different magazine. We don’t sit around brooding for long. Rejections make us more determined to succeed, rather than dragging us down. One of the novels we sent off, Raising the Dead, is now ready to find a publisher. Except we’ve hit a snag. We found a publisher that seems brilliant – just the type of publisher we’d love to work with. One problem – their maximum word count is 130,000. RTD is 186,000. Yeah. Ouch. It’s just been redrafted and we really can’t see how we can cut 56K words. So we either find a different publisher or weep while we hack the book to pieces. Soul Asylum is also ready to go somewhere but has already been sent to a few publishers, so can’t go back to them. So while we adopt thoughtful expressions, we’re redrafting another novel, Majesty of Darkness. It’s set in the land of the dead. This one won’t be easy to find a publisher for. They’ll think it’s a weird, nonsensical piece of crap or they’ll think it’s quirkily brilliant. We’re hoping for the latter.

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