Woman In Black

We’ve just been to see The Woman in Black in the New Theatre in Cardiff. It was AMAZING! The two actors, Robert Demeger and Peter Bramhill were incredible. How two men can keep an entire audience spellbound for that length of time is truly remarkable. The sound effects were just fantastic. One woman behind us kept screaming, much to our amusement. The creepy noise of the chair rocking by itself and the music box playing at the end really brought the sense of foreboding to life. The sound of the phantom pony and trap was the highlight. We loved how the story was done via an actor trying to teach the writer to perform his memoirs in a way that would captivate his audience. The ‘invisible’ dog Spider was just hilarious. It’s brilliant the way they were able to turn a few stage props – a wicker basket, 2 chairs, a coat rack and a stool into furniture for so many scenes in a completely believable way. We’ve read so many horror books, seen so many horror/ghost films and not one has scared us. We usually laugh. But this actually gave us goose pimples. It completely entranced us, the dream sequence chilled us. Then the twist at the end…freakin’ fantastic.

We’d love to turn one of our novels into a play. Soul Asylum perhaps, because that takes place in just two settings – the asylum and the graveyard in the grounds. Have to get it published first. We’re going to send that one and Raising the Dead to publishers soon – we’ve made a list so we’ll check out their websites and take the plunge. We’ve written a lot of novels but we never send them off because we’re always editing them. With short stories and poems there are deadlines so there comes a point where we have to submit them, but there are no deadlines with novels so we just keep working on them. We aim to have one published before we’re thirty and as one novel can take up to 18 mths to reach publication after it’s been taken on (providing it all sails through) we’re running out of time. Maybe one day someone will blog ‘just went to see Soul Asylum in the New Theatre in Cardiff. It was AMAZING!’