Ghost hunting. Live

We’ve finished redrafting Raising the Dead. Sadly that and Soul Asylum didn’t make it to the finals of the Brit Writers Awards. We should find out tonight if our short stories & poems have. We don’t hold out much hope – our novels were our best pieces of work that we sent. We’re now in the process of writing a blurb for RTD. We know most publishers prefer to write blurbs in-house, but some ask you to write one. When we first started writing novels, or novellas, they probably were, when we were 12, we’d write our own blurbs. We even used to design front covers & bind the books so we’d end up with A4 novels. Our drawings were worse than our writing, but we loved it. We bought a laminator and a book binder to make them look more professional. We’ve kept every single one of them. Not all the stuff we’ve written got made into books. When we started constantly redrafting them, we stopped turning them into books but we’ve got boxes of our writing in the loft space. God help us if there’s a fire and we get burnt to crispies going back for them and all our animals. Animals first of course.

We’re also rewriting the synopsis for RTD. Why are synopsis so hard to write? We don’t have a problem summing up the book – our problem lies in making that summing up stretch to 1-2 pages and making it coherent. We want it to be exciting and not seem like a dry account of the book. This is what publishers read when deciding on whether or not to publish you so it has to be brilliant. And it isn’t. The blurb’s now done. When redrafting the book, we copied passages or sentences we liked into a separate document then narrowed them down to form the blurb. It’s just the way we’ve always done it.

Speaking of RTD, we’ve been scouting places for its sequel, When the Dead Awaken. A mate told us about this abandoned village in Aberthaw that is apparently haunted. He went there with some mates & was petrified. We decided to check it out so went there on Monday. It’s brilliant! It’s called Boys Village and was built in the 1930s as a summer camp for the miners’ sons. It used to be bath houses. There were 4 dorms, a dining hall, locker room, gym, swimming pool & church. It’s been derelict for years. While we don’t condone tresspassing, there were no signs warning people against tresspassing & the place was filled with graffiti. One of the buildings, the Manyard Jenner building had burned down and the swimming pool no longer had a roof. The locker room was filled with rubble and was also missing its roof. The church was the safest of the buildings but sadly had its wood pannelling pinched. All of the buildings had been looted and ransacked and filled with tagging. It was really sad to see, but it’s a great place. Luckily the taggers have left the war memorial alone. We’re going to use this place in When the Dead Awaken. We filmed it and took lots of photos so we don’t have to rely on memory alone. Though by the time that novel gets published, the village will probably be gone. It’s up for sale and no doubt will be turned into yet another god awful cookie cutter estate.

And no, we didn’t see any ghosts 🙂