Manic Monday

Yes, we know it’s Thursday but we’ve been so busy we haven’t had a chance to blog. We went to Manic Monday, a spoken word poetry event run by the fabulous Mab Jones in The Promised Land in Cardiff. The headliner was Alan Wolfson – he was hilarious & has the best purple shoes we’ve ever seen. Our mate Nick was one of the acts too & he was brilliant. As was Neil, who performed at the open mic. We didn’t read ‘cos it was our first time of going, but we plan to read at the one in July. Not sure what we’re reading yet, maybe a new poem we wrote about someone hurling a bottle out a car window at us, accompanied by an unintelligble shout. Or maybe one we’re in the middle of writing today with the help of our Facebook friends. It’s a compilation poem.

Sent another short story off this week for an anthology wanting stories told from the point of view of a female character in the myths, fairy tales & bible stories who get bad press. Not sure our version of Snow White does anything to improve the queen’s reputation but she certainly tarnishes Snow White’s.