Fairy Tales

Just about to start a new short story. The brief’s to write an adult fairy story & it’s due in 3 weeks. We have no idea what we’re gonna write about, but we’ll just see where our fingers take us. We’ll try to fit it in between sunbathing out the garden with our ducks and cleaning out our African snails. Trust us to pick a heatwave weekend to clean them out. Luckily we have an 8ft high hedge around our house so nobody will be able to see us in our bikinis. A lot of our neighbours are 60+ & we’d feel terrible if they died of fright. You wouldn’t beleive the trouble we had trying to find bikinis that are gothic. We know Goths don’t sunbathe, but still, it wouldn’t hurt designers to stick one small skull on something. We went for ones with hollow studs that we might attach chains to.

Last night we had another poem rejected 😦 It’s one of our favourite ones as well, the one we performed at the reading. We’ll just have to find somewhere else to send it. Someone’s got to publish it one day.

Anthony – thanks for your comments and it’s been taken care of 😉 Once we’ve approved a comment the 1st time they then automatically get posted without us needing to approve them, so sorry about that. It’s great to hear from you again.