Magazine Maestros

We just got the star letter in Writers’ News and our prize was a hefty copy of Writer’s Market, so we’ve been through the magazine section, marking every magazine we think we can persuade to take our work. We’re now gonna check them out, maybe buy some copies to see if our stuff’s suitable, or try to adapt to the writing they usually publish. We figured that 5 months into the year & 1 piece accepted for publication, despite sending off 38, isn’t a great percentage. We really need to give our work a kick up the semi colon. By increasing our submission rate, we’ll hopefully increase our publication success.

On a separate note, we’re one stage closer to our paranormal road trip – we’re buying a video camera tomorrow. Does it seem strange driving nearly 4 hours just to take some footage of an abandoned asylum when there’s footage of it on You Tube? Maybe, but that’s not OUR footage. Ours will be different. We want to get a feel for the place, which you can’t get from watching someone else’s videos. We can spot details that weren’t captured on film – plot where parts of the novel take place and walk in the footsteps of our ghosts.


  1. You go, girlies. Smal victories are still victories. In the words of Galaxy Quest “never give up, never surrender”. I’ve looked on your facebook site and you could be my favourite pirates ever. Even cuter than Gina Davies in Cut Throat Island and what a classic that was!!

    • Aw, cheers Cyrus! High praise indeed 🙂 We love those wise words from Galaxy Quest. They could be our new mantra. At the moment it’s ‘death or glory’ from Ed Hardy. He’s a tattoo artist & our sister bought us mugs with his artwork on them for our birthday. We like Gina Davies too. She was brilliant in Beetlejuice – love that film. Our favourite pirate would have to be Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Carribean. We love Johnny Depp and his performance in those films is hilarious. We actually wore those pirate outfits round Marks and Spencers last Halloween – didn’t half get some strange looks & one compliment from an old lady. But we were forced to leave the hats at home.

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