Keep the Faith

We got rejected by Pill Hill Press this evening. What’s it gonna take? In the minute it took us to sigh and delete the email we were over it. A little disappointed, but it doesn’t bother us. Rejections are just a way of writing life & they’re not gonna stop us from sending stuff out. Plus the feeling of euphoria of getting something published far outweighs the disappointment of rejection. That’s why we keep trying. Plus we REALLY want to be published writers so we have to take the hits in order to get the glory. No pain, no gain, right? So later this evening, we emailed another story to the British Fantasy Society for their short story competition.  Hopefully we’ll have better luck with them. We won’t know ’til September but we’re keeping our talons crossed.

We’re planning a paranormal road trip to visit Denbigh asylum. We were Googling asylums to use for Ravens Retreat in Soul Asylum & the minute we saw Denbigh asylum, we knew we had to adopt it as ours. It was in use the same time as Ravens Retreat was, which is nice and is in North Wales, where we set the book. We’ve got the route planner & that’s about as far as we’ve got in our planning, but the intention’s there. We figured if we left at some ungodly hour in the morning, we’d be back by lunchtime – in plenty of time to give our iguana his afternoon bath.

Right, we’ve now figured out how to get a Facebook address. It’s only taken us a few weeks. We’re at so look us up & if you want to befriend us, just add a message – tell us we sent you 🙂


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    I’ve been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

    Thumbs up, and keep it going!

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    • thanks! 🙂 We’ll keep it going ’til the government shut us down then we’ll start again under a new name 🙂 Glad you decided to comment. We like comments – makes us believe that other people are actually reading this & that we’re not just typing to amuse ourselves & feel important

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