Trophy Hunters

We’ve made it through to the third round of Brit Writers’ Awards! We were so shocked when we got the email. We never thought we make it through the first round, let alone make it to the third. We’ll find out beginning of June whether we’ve made it to the final. If so, they’ll send a film crew round and the film will be shown before the nominations are read out at the awards. To quote Fall Out Boy “make us poster [girls] for your scene but we are not making an acceptance speech.” Can you imagine if we win and have to make an acceptance speech? No-one will understand a WORD we say and the bits that can be understood will probably be bleeped out. Who wrote Obama’s speech? Does anyone have their phone number? We could be off to London. Never been to London before. We thought the only things that could tempt us there was the Jack the Ripper exhibitions or the Chamber of Horrors. If we go in there they might not let us back out again.

Update on the Brit Writers Award – the 3rd round has 1500 entries in it. Not bad considering they received over 21,000 entries to begin with. We’re keeping our talons crossed.

We wrote a short story today whilst sitting in Starbucks. We took our laptop and got the 1700 word story written in an hour. Not bad. The brief is to write about a 14 year old girl called Molly. We set our story around the darker side of Facebook but can’t take credit for the idea – it was our mum’s. Let’s hope we can do it justice.