Read ‘Em and Weep

The poetry reading went a lot better than expected. The 2 professional poets that were there, Merion Jordan & Catherine Fisher were much better than the last 2. We particularly enjoyed Catherine’s poetry as it was more to our taste. Before we went we kept saying ‘we don’t want to go 1st’ but we were ones of the first to arrive so we were top of the open mic list. Arse. After watching professional poets, for us to go up & perform our simple rhyming couplets, we thought would be a huge shock to the audience, but now we’re glad we went first. The majority of the other open mic readers did non-rhyming, deep poetry, which wouldn’t have fitted with ours, so it was good to get ours out the way. The best bit is, we didn’t much up at all! All day yesterday & Wednesday we were getting our ‘mirror moves’ wrong for Deadly Reflection, which we haven’t done throughout our practise, but fortunately we got it right. The audience actually laughed, which they didn’t much do at the Square event. They even laughed at our intros. Our family tells us we got the biggest applause & one guy shouted ‘more’. The poetry editor of Seren, Amy, gave us the thumbs up afterwards & suggested other events we can go to. She also suggested we look up Mab Jones, a comic poet, ‘cos to quote Amy “she would love you.” High praise! We were going to attach the video but can’t. Think we need a video upgrade, so sorry about that. It’s on Facebook though. We’re under the name Cat Lynx Raven.

More good news – we found out yesterday that 1 of our poems was shortlisted in Writing Magazine’s Life Experiences poetry competition. We wrote 1 called I Am, I Feel about our experiences of being bullied & it made the top 10! Woo hoo!

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