Of Wolf & Man

We’ve been wracking our brains trying to think of a werewolf story that hasn’t been done before. It’s often said that there are no new ideas, just new takes on old ones. It’s kinda true. Look at the recent film releases – how many of them are remakes? Even Hollywood is struggling for original plotlines, though they do seem to have boy meets girl ones in abudance that are all clones of each other. Anyway, with 3 weeks to go before the deadline, we think we’ve thought of a different slant. Whether or not it works is up to the publisher to decide. We started it yesterday and have reached 3500 words so far.

Speaking of original ideas, for anyone who’s sick of the steroytpical mindless zombie, check out Nekropolis by Tim Waggoner. It’s a highly original, imaginative, funny book about a zombie private eye, Matt Richter, who can think, move and talk. He just can’t feel anything. The world of Nekropolis is dark, spectacular and appealing. We want to live in Gothtown. Matt is a great hero – handsome (from the cover) funny, brave and well, dead. Devona, his half vampire accomplice is tough, ballsy, beautiful and isn’t a sterotypical female sidekick who for once, isn’t just there for the hero to fall in love with. She actually has a purpose. Though it does kinda bite ‘cos we’ve written a short story about a zombie that isn’t mindless, just dead, though it’s nothing like Nekropolis, so we maybe we can still write the novel about our zombie called Scott. We’ve written a poem about Scott, so maybe one day we’ll perform it for the right audience.