Dressed for Success

Just heard we’ve made it through to the next round of the Brit Writers’ Awards. We didn’t think we stood a hope in HELL of getting through  ‘cos they had 21,000 entries. Just found out they only put 1000 through to the next round. And they picked us. US. Still can’t believe it. We submitted 2 novels, 2 short stories and a collection of 5 poems. They haven’t said which piece or pieces got through but fingers crossed. The finalists get tickets to the awards ceremony, which is a black tie event. Imagine if we’re finalists. Us at a black tie event? People will think it’s You’ve Been Framed. Are dresses with skulls on acceptable at a black tie event? Expect PVC is out, which is a shame. We have a lovely black PVC dress one of us could wear. Expect they said black tie to keep riff raff like us out.

On a completely seperate note, one of our Facebook friends sent us a link to a band called We are the Arsenal. We loved their song So Long and downloaded their album so we’re spreading the word. Remember their name and check out their song. We hope they’ll be huge. Just a quick note – we’ve now listened to their album and they rock! It’s called They Worshipped The Trees. Download it now. NOW! 🙂


  1. I bought 8 hours and read your short story. I liked it although there weren’t many laughs!! I think you’re much cuter than you realise although I think you pretend to be a bit stranger than you really are. I think you should go for the pvc dress to the awards, dresses worked at the 8 hours launch. If I had known about your poetry readings I would have come to see them and whooped like a family member. Where can I find copies of your poetry, I would like to read more of your stuff. I think you should have gone for the gay, vegetarian werefolf called Derek who doesn’t really like going out at night, that would open up creative opportunities!!

    • Hey Cyrus, thanks for your comment. Love your idea for the werewolf, though in the end we went for a guy called Razor who’s technically a were-man – he started life as a wolf and got changed into a man. He is gay though, but doesn’t eat yet in the story so he could still be vegetarian. We’re vegan so we’re cool with that. Our story in 8 Hours was the 1st one we ever got published and secretly, we don’t think it’s one of our best, but we don’t say that out load. Whoops. Just did 🙂 We’ve only had one poem published. It’s in issue 6 of Square Magazine. Our poetry doesn’t do so well, maybe ‘cos we’ve got absolutely no idea on technicality. We write what we like and to hell with the rules. Like the idea of PVC dresses to the awards, though they might get a bit hot, though if the judges see our plan of what we’re wearing, they might ban us from the event. We disagree with the being cuter than we realise – we see our faces 1st thing in the morning & as for the strangeness, it’s a bit split personalityish. We have bouts of ‘normality’ but we quickly squash those. They interfere with the creativity. Our mate Neil calls us ‘paradoxes’ and that’s the best way to describe us.

      • Did I say Derek, I meant to go for a more Razorish name but I had a friend called Derek who was a bit hairy and it dragged me off at a tangent. How do you write so much I’m only ever creative when I’m sad. So most of the time I’m vaguely happy but unproductive. No actually I’m just vague and unproductive. Do you both answer your comments? I can’t get my head round this writing together thing. I would love to have something published but not sure I could face the rejections. I don’t think I could kiss that many frogs before I find my princess!!

      • Hiya. We write so much ‘cos it’s really all we do! Apart from looking after our animals & exercising, though since Cat had her knee op there’s been no exercising so loads more writing. It’s better to be happy and maybe just visit the sad place when you need to write. We swing between moods but somehow keep the writing going. We don’t have lives. Yeah, we do both answer the comments, though only one does the typing. With the writing we write a page or two each then switch, we’re not in the same room, then we just read what each other has written and take it up from there. We don’t plan what we write at all, it just comes when we start typing. You should definitely send your work off, life’s too short for regrets. You don’t want to think in 20 years’ time ‘if I’d sent that off I might be published.’ The feeling of being published far outweighs all the rejections. Gone With the Wind was rejected 30 times! JK Rowling was rejected a lot before Harry Potter took off. Try buying Writing Magazine – they have monthly competitions and if you subscribe they give details about publishers or competitions. This is how we got published in 8 Hours – there was a call for submissions by Legend Press. We’ve entered 13 of their writing competitions and have finally now won one. We’ve never been shortlisted for their stories. One of our poems was shortlisted a few months and that was a thrill. Our rejections probably outweigh our publishing by like 100 to 1. Each time we just send it elsewhere and work on the next piece. Being different we’ve been rejected by people for years so we no longer fear rejection in our writing. Our mate Neil keeps telling us we need to kiss a lot of frogs ’til we find our princes. We like frogs though. If you’ve slaved over a piece of work you should do it justice and send it off. It won’t get published sitting in a drawer. Good luck. Let us know how it goes.

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