Dressed for Success

Just heard we’ve made it through to the next round of the Brit Writers’ Awards. We didn’t think we stood a hope in HELL of getting through  ‘cos they had 21,000 entries. Just found out they only put 1000 through to the next round. And they picked us. US. Still can’t believe it. We submitted 2 novels, 2 short stories and a collection of 5 poems. They haven’t said which piece or pieces got through but fingers crossed. The finalists get tickets to the awards ceremony, which is a black tie event. Imagine if we’re finalists. Us at a black tie event? People will think it’s You’ve Been Framed. Are dresses with skulls on acceptable at a black tie event? Expect PVC is out, which is a shame. We have a lovely black PVC dress one of us could wear. Expect they said black tie to keep riff raff like us out.

On a completely seperate note, one of our Facebook friends sent us a link to a band called We are the Arsenal. We loved their song So Long and downloaded their album so we’re spreading the word. Remember their name and check out their song. We hope they’ll be huge. Just a quick note – we’ve now listened to their album and they rock! It’s called They Worshipped The Trees. Download it now. NOW! 🙂