The End is Nigh

Actually, the end has come. The end of our novel, Daughters of Annwn, that is. It took 3 weeks and 4 days to write, currently stands at 98,718 words and was a lot of fun to write. Until the last 4 chapters when our lack of planning threatened to derail the ending. Because we didn’t have one. But as usual, we just wrote until it came to us. Had we sat there thinking about it, we still wouldn’t have finished. We’re now letting it sit for a while to get some objectivity before redrafting it. Instead we’ve started implementing our mum’s suggested changes to Missed Call. When we’ve finished with a novel or short story, we give it to her to check for errors and for an objective point of view. Now we realise how much work we need to do. Her suggestions often causes arguments between her opinions and ours, but then criticism is never easy to take. So we compromise – we implement the suggestions we agree with, don’t change the ones we disagree with and the ones we aren’t sure about, we leave until we’ve had a think and again, given the story some rest time.

We’ve been practising for our poetry reading on May 6th. One poem, Deadly Reflection, is about a man talking to his ghost in the mirror, so, being twins, we figured it’d look great if we performed it facing each other, pretending there’s a mirror between us. Without paper. Yep. We’re memorising it. We’ve managed to memorise it, but still stumble on some lines – coincidently, we have trouble with the same lines, despite learning it separately. Whether or not we’ll be able to carry it out on the night remains to be seen. We’ll take the poem with us, just in case.

On a completely different matter, we’re becoming addicted to Facebook. Never got it before, but it does get obsessive checking to see if we’ve had any updates, or whatever. Maybe it’s not such a good idea for people with obsessive personalities, like us. Though it is disheartening when you’re friends with someone with 1000+ friends while we have 7 and one’s a magazine and another’s the pseudonym of this cool writer and My Chemical Romance fan we’ve befriended. But then we prefer quality over quantity. Bet all the unpopular people say that. Popularity’s never been our strong point.