Hum Hallelujah just off the key of reason. Thank you Fall Out Boy. This morning we got another story rejected then this afternoon, we got an email saying we’d won first prize in the Writing Magazine Ghost story competition! FINALLY! It’s called Field of Screams and is a quirky story where hauntings are at an all time low so the Scream Department call a board meeting for ideas. We thought it had no hope in hell of even getting shortlisted because it’s so different to the usual winning stories, but figured we’d send it anyway, as we had nothing to lose. It’s an Easter miracle bigger than Jesus rising from the dead (which we all know didn’t happen.) It’ll be in the August issue which will be out in July. We’ll remind you closer to the time so you can hold in your hands a piece of history – the first competition C L Raven has ever won. (First and probably last.) Just when we thought our mission for twelve publications was heading south faster than a tobogganing penguin hitting a patch of black ice, we have our first success. Celebrated with a big bottle of Smirnoff Ice that’s been sitting in the fridge for months. Now for the other eleven…might have more chance of becoming Prime Minister. We’d sure shake up the cabinet. Is there enough time to start a political party and get campaigning? They obviously have no standards on who can form a party because they let the BNP form (booooo!) We sent three poems to Square magazine yesterday so talons crossed again. Excuse the unimaginative title of this blog. That’s what Smirnoff Ice does to you. Cat just managed to spill hers down her top. One story wins a competition and all of a sudden, we’ve turned into drunken lushes. We’ll be like those singers who do great one hit wonders then vanish into obscurity, trotting out their great hit 2o years down the line. God knows what will happen when we win the election.