Rocky Horror

Last night we went to see Rocky Horror with our mum & sister in the New Theatre in Cardiff. It was BRILLIANT! Here we are all dressed up and ready to party. Don’t dream it, be it! The actors were amazing, the songs catchy and the atmosphere electric. We didn’t know any of the actors, but they were faultless, hilarious and really talented. One of the most incredible things was how Rocky managed to carry Frank N Furter whilst wearing stilettos. We’ve just about mastered running in ours but wouldn’t attempt to carry a bloke in them. Maybe next week. David Bedella, who played Frank N Furter was simply sensational. Have to say, we weren’t disappointed with Dominic Tribuzio who played Rocky. A bona fide hotty and we don’t usually like blonds. He was an excellent dancer, at one point back flipping across the stage in his leopard print pants and gold boots. He somehow managed to make it look cool. He was much hotter than the guy who played him in the film. Actually, we think the whole production was better than the film. Watching the film, we just thought, ‘this is weird’. Seeing it performed live, we thought ‘this is fabulous’. Definitely giving it 10/10 and if it comes back to Cardiff, we’re going again. Yes, we did get up and do the Time Warp. Cat was determined to wear our killer heels we gave each other as birthday presents, specifically for Rocky Horror. Not sure her crutches complimented her outfit, but she managed to pull it off with style. There were a number of people dressed up, less than we thought there would be. We were surprised by the amount of ‘normal’ and older people there were in the audience. Spotted one really hot guy in a red basque, fishnets, black pants and a pink feather boa. We were thrilled, but unfortunately, weren’t anywhere near him. One stewardess very kindly let us escape via the back stairs and stage door entrance, as we were waiting for the crush to go before Cat hopped down the stairs. Everything about it was fantastic, but it’s the pelvic thrusts that really drive you insaaaaannne. Let’s do the Time Warp again!