Operation: Wounded Knee

We’ve had an eventful day. Cat (the C in C L Raven – she’s the one with the spiral fringe) had to have an arthroscopy on her knee. It’s basically a camera in her knee to find out why it hasn’t recovered since she injured it November 08. Who says exercise is good for you? She’d orginally gone for an MRI, but couldn’t have one because she still had a remnent of rust in her eye from derusting our cars, so the arthroscopy was a treasure hunt. But a lot more gory. She had it done in Llandough, which is the other side of Cardiff from us, but the staff there were really friendly. Lynx, (the L in C L Raven – the one with the plaits) was stuck in the reception waiting room. Luckily we took our MP3 Players, Writing Magazine, books and paper to continue writing the short story, Daughters of Annwn we started on Monday. She went in at 11, went for the op at 1:30 and was discharged at 4. She managed to write about a page before going under the knife but has felt too sick to write after so we’ll take this as a sick day. They diagnosed something called a plica, which is excess tissue that had to be shaved off and a blister on the thigh bone, which they didn’t touch because it would mean cutting away cartilidge and drilling into the bone to make it bleed to form a new lining, which won’t grow the same as the one that’s come away, causing the blister. So the consultant wasn’t keen on doing that. It would also mean she’d be on crutches for 6 weeks, rather than the couple of days she has them for now. So we’ll see how it goes. An arrow was drawn on her leg by the doctor. It wasn’t there to remind Cat which way up she goes. We removed these bandages Thursday night, ‘cos Cat’s going to see the nurse tomorrow and mum wouldn’t let us photograph the great unveiling, so we did a dry run so we could record the momentous occasion. Don’t bring up your tea.The Grand Unveiling