Raising the Dead in the Soul Asylum

Just emailed two of our novels, Soul Asylum and Raising the Dead to Brit Writers Award. They wanted 3 chapters so we redrafted the 1st 3 of Soul Asylum and random 3 of Raising the Dead and plan to redraft the rest before the awards ceremony in June. We’ve always left things to the last minute and probably will never change the habit of a lifetime. Just ask the teachers that gave us detention or comments in our homework diaries for not doing our homework. It’s not our fault – writing novels was just more fun than school. Plus it meant we could enact our revenge on our fellow pupils in a bloody, violent and completely legal way.

The rest of our day was spent cleaning out our African snails, bathing our iguana, protecting our ducks from any wandering dogs and watching Ospreys v Connacht. We’re going to the Wales U20 v France U20 on Friday, but as K.O. is 3:30pm, nobody could come with us. We’ll be the Billy no Mates in the stands wearing vests we designed ourselves. They say ‘Scrum and get me’. It was a line from one of our poems. We also went trawling around the Bay again. Well, near the Bay. Atlantic Wharf really, looking for gyms that one of the characters in Missed Call uses. Don’t think we were on CCTV this time so we left our Mr. Happy masks in the boot. Signing off now to watch the rest of Being Human.

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