Flat hunting

In our latest novel we have two of the characters living in Cardiff Bay so last night we decided to do a recce to find the best place. Cruising Cardiff Bay in our mum’s hot orange Mini is probably not very inconspicuous but we don’t have any plain cars that would fit in. Our hot pink Smart Car would definitely get noticed, especially as it’s already been clocked for speeding once. Freakin’ nanny state. Anyway, so we got out and explored the expensive looking apartments, probably looking dead sus in our black clothing. We were peering into the underground car parks then noticed the CCTV cameras around us. Thinking we already look a bit suspicious, we made sure to approach the cameras from behind and stood beneath them where they couldn’t see us. In hindsight, this just made us look worse, especially as it was ten o’ clock at night. Think the George W Bush masks were a bad idea. We then spotted someone in the apartments opposite watching us from their window so we made a swift exit. If there are any reports of prowlers in the Cardiff Bay area last night, we confess, it was us. Why does everything we do make us look like wanton criminals? We plan to return in the daytime with our camera. Maybe we should’ve done this first. We blame our mum. She was driving (we’d get lost in a phonebox) and she’s the responsible adult in our relationship.

Breaking news – just emailed a short story, Parliament of Monsters to Shock Totem magazine in America. Think supernatural beings crossed with Jerry Springer. We’re keeping our talons crossed X