It’s our birthday & we’ll blog if we want to

Yay, it’s our birthday! Boo, we’ve turned 27. Do we look any older? Are our photos aging while we still look under eighteen. We could be the new Dorian Grays. Had wicked presents off our mum, sister, dad and each other. Even the animals bought us stuff. Don’t know where they got the money from. Hang on, there’s a couple of twenties missing from our wallets. Never should’ve trusted those cats…we’ll be going out for lunch as soon as our baby niece wakes up and we’ve got a superhero themed party planned for this evening. We’ll be phantom girls, our mum & sister are cat women and our future brother in law is superman. We’ve made a 3D city cake, which would’ve been better with minature superheroes standing on the buildings, but we couldn’t find any. There are never any superheroes around when you want them. We need a hero and we’ll be holding out for a hero til the end of the night. We’ll have to figure out how to use our new MP3 players – we’ve finally upgraded from our cassette walkmans. Don’t laugh. Our mum bought us a new complete works of Shakespeare ‘cos we’re always nicking hers from college. It’s huge and really heavy, so if any burglars come calling, we’ve got our weapon. We promise to only use reasonable force. Getting hungry now. C’mon Brooke, wake up!

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