Hello world!

No, we’re not fresh out of the Rocky Horror Show (though we are going to see that). We’re writers. Here is our mission statement: to unseat Stephen King and replace him as the new mistresses of horror. Seeing our freaky faces first thing in the morning we’d have to love horror. So far, work record – ok, maybe not glowing. King is safe for now. We’ve had a short story published in Legend Press’ Eight Hours anthology. Ours is called End of Innocence. (Available from www.legendpress.co.uk. We also have blogs on their site – under Author’s Group website.) We’ve had 2 short stories published in The Pages anthology – Missed Call in Dec 2008 anthology and Gallery of Souls in June 2009 anthology. (Available from www.the-pages.blogspot.com) We’ve also had a poem, Wedded Bliss, published in Cardiff-based Square Magazine. (www.squaremag.net) One day we will win a horror award. Just hope we’re not dead by the time it happens.

We did our very first poetry reading on Jan 31st 2010 in The Poets Corner pub in Cardiff. It was organised by Square Magazine’s editor, Nick Fisk. We read Wedded Bliss, Penitence Ball (inspired by our favourite band, My Chemical Romance) and Dating By Numbers. We hope to do more readings, but whether we’re invited back is another matter.

We have an aim this year to get 12 pieces of work published – one for every month. So far we’ve achieved – nothing. But the year is young. We just got a rejection from Shock Totem magazine, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed for the other stories and poems out there.

We also plan to take over the world. But ssh! (It’s a secret.)


  1. I was there at the poetry reading. Star quality. Fantastic. 12 publications in one year is a huge goal – I guess you could include readings as a kind of publication. Either way, hope the GREAT success of this encourages even more writing, and more performances, and a more and more exciting life.

  2. Love the blog site! I’ve read the short stories and your poetry and they are a very good read. I was there at the poetry reading too and you certainly shone – both in your performance and your appearance – you both have a unique fashion sense. Watch out world ‘here come the girls’!

  3. I attended the poetry reading and i was so amazed at how confident and professional you both were! your poems were of an outstanding quality and had me glued from the beginning.Your book launch that i attended while pregnant and (being sick i must add) was also of the same high quality. you both have a superb talent and i know you will achieve all your goals because you are so determined .watch out universe CL Raven is going to rule the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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